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Niken Prawestiti, I, was born and raised in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia, however, nurtured by Javanese value in the family. I have no particular ‘being’ to be called yet, unless, the one who still in the way for living the purpose of my life.

Education and Background 

I graduated Bachelor of Architecture in Universitas Indonesia, with special interest in community, participatory, and environmental urban issue. Later on, I have not got the architecture, which only talk about physical building and whatsoever about design. Instead, architecture broadens my thought to have more connected into humanity, social, environment, community, culture, or every kind related to people and common things. Architecture is ‘only’ taught me to care about the environment carefully when determining the way out of problems because it impacts directly to human’s life, or even the greater context, life ecosystem.

I also did extended study in Urban Studies, with research about urban park in Jakarta, which function as social public space for citizen. In 2015, I enrolled the short course about "Managing Impact : An integrated approach to participatory planning, monitoring, and evaluation", in Wageningen Netherlands, where I learned about strategic thinking, theory of change, monitoring and evaluation methods, situation and stakeholder analysis, and capacities and conditions to over come intended impact. And, in 2017, I was selected as Youth South East Asian Leadership Initiatives (YSEALI) fellow in Urban Planning and Smart Growth in Singapore, and Environmental & Sustainability Professional Fellow who was placed in Eugene and Portland, Oregon, USA.


For more than 3 years latter, I have taken part in growing and developing green city -closed connected with sustainable and livability- concept  in Indonesia, as individual consultant under central government. Incidentally, I still do architectural design in personal or community ask. In between life goes by, I committed myself for volunteering, to seek new angle of looking at things, make new friends and perspectives from various backgrounds, and meet kind type of society. In volunteering, I am very happy for making benefit to others by doing what myself matters, answering the call from within.

At remain time, I try to raise awareness about the existence of open urban public space through non-profit, open-share-collaboration movement platform, ayoketaman.com, which now still struggle to find way to embrace abundance vision to growing bigger and impactful. In addition, I also developing fornusa.id as urban community network over Indonesia's cities towards urban sustainability. I am very open to collaborate with any of you, please contact me.

Out of those 'hard' matter, I am living to be perpetual learner, find stillness and mindful solitary by the joy of reading and musical things, go somewhere-doing anything with no clear aim for attaining sense of fulfillment, struggle to silence the noisy voice in my head and the surrounding, and look down inside into spirituality to gain deep happiness.

And, oh, I'm very much into writing, and this blog will do as healer for myself.


My dream is simply to be a person that can give benefits to as much as people and society, and also able to contribute all the knowledge and skills I have. I just dedicate myself to taking action to make better life, better environment, better world, and better society.

I Never Dreamed for the Better, When I Couldn’t Do Anything.

“Actions speak louder than words


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